Skateboard Decks

Tablas Skate

Discover a wide range of skates boards, if you are looking for the best quality price skates boards, is your website, compare and discover the best skateboards.
Our wood comes exclusively from areas under a law of forest conservation.

Complete skateboards

Skateboard Completos

Skateboard backpack for skateboards up to 8.5 ".
The skate backpack has a large main pocket and a smaller front pocket.
Ideal for skating the city and carrying everything you need: purse, smartphone, keys or your tools.

Skateboard Trucks

Ejes skate

This backpack for longboard will surprise you for its comfort when carrying a skateboard of this size.
This longboard backpack manages to distribute the weight of your longboard or big skate so that you do not have to carry a large weight in your hand when not You're skating your longboard.


Skateboard Wheels

Ruedas de skate

Globe cruiser style backpack is designed with a large main pocket and a smaller front pocket. Ideal to skate the city and carry everything you need: purse, smartphone, keys or your tools.

Skateboard Offer Packs

skate packs

Large skateboard travel bag with two different compartments to carry your clothes, helmet and protections and several skateboards when you go on a trip of a few days.

Skateboard T-Shirts

camisetas skate

Decoration and furniture made with original skateboard unvarnished so you can paste your favorite skateboard stickers. Decorate your room with your lifestyle.

backpacks for skateboarding


In Monark Supply you have the skateboard backpacks necessary depending on which is your skateboard model.

We are an online skate shop specialized in the sale of backpacks for skateboarding.

We have backpacks for skateboard type cruiser, for normal skateboards and for Longboard and big skateboards, but if Yours are the long skate trips to go by plane or train to skate other cities or skate championships, then we recommend our travel bag for skateboarder. with separate compartments for clothes and hard material.

All skateboarders like to wear our under-the-floor skateboard on the streets, but sometimes for comfort we need to carry it in our hands, either to go on a motorcycle to another skatepark or to go shopping.

We have been selling our backpacks for skateboarding all over the world for 5 years, from the United States to Australia, all over Europe. In Monark Supply we also want to offer you the best decoration and gifts for skateboarders of the SKATE-HOME brand, that is why we have the furniture that every skater would like to have at home in order to reflect their lifestyle in their room.

The Monark Supply backpacks are perfect, comfortable and
are an elegant solution to transport your skate.


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