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Monark Supply backpacks are especially designed for skaters .

Monark Supply is a Spanish brand that designs and manufactures and distributes skate backpacks .

This new 100% Spanish manufacturing gadget is a backpack designed specifically for skateboarders to transport their skateboard everywhere, whatever the type (Skateboard, Longboard, Cruiser, mini cruiser).

One of the differentiating elements of the Monark Supply backpack are the ergonomics , the exclusive design and the variety of colors .

The comfort of carrying your skateboard on public transport, bicycle, even motorbike makes the Monark Supply backpacks an essential element for every skater.

One of the highlights of this product is its composition, since it has materials that respect the environment , with the OEKO-TEX® certification , the label ecological world leader for textile products. The product has successfully passed the most demanding quality tests, both in Spain (Instituto Aitex) and in Italy (Instituto Tullio Buzzi).

Monark Supply bandoliers are suitable for almost all board sizes from 22 "23" 26 "27", 8.5 "skateboards, longboards and skateboards.

Backpacks are also available for many types of boards; of skateboard, cruiser, mini cruiser, longboard, surfskate and electric longboard, backpacks for both men and women.

Here we will help you to know what size you need for your board!

Why a backpack to carry the Skate?

There are many cities that do not allow the skateboard to circulate through the streets and only practice this sport in specific places such as Skateparks.

That's why the Monark messenger bag solves this problem If you want to go by bike, motorbike or public transport, carrying the Skate in the backpack is very practical.

It's not a bulky backpack so you can carry it on your back while you skate.

Our Skate backpacks are designed to be able to place your board, adjust it and carry it comfortably over the shoulder. All models of Monark backpacks are worn in the same way, as a shoulder strap and they have several pockets to carry everything you need for your skate session.

How to position your Skate?

Very simple! You open the clip, put your board with the sandpaper facing the backpack, so the sandpaper does not ruin your clothes, close the clips and adjust the straps ... easy.

How to mount your skateboard in the monark supply skate backpack

How to choose the right size?

It is the only backpack for the skateboard that becomes a fanny pack and adapts to daily activity.

It's easy, your table has measurements that are usually measured in inches ...


Tables up to 8.5"

Skateboard backpack to carry skateboard up to 8.5 inches


Longboard tables

Skateboard backpack to lift your longboard


Penny boards of 26 ", 27"

Skateboard backpack to carry your skate cruiser


Tablas de 22", 23"

Skate backpack to carry your mini cruiser

And as a novelty we have available backpacks for longboard of almost all sizes and that also serve for your skateboard electric skateboard and skateboarding .

Do not hesitate and consult us if you think your board is too big, or wide like those of surfskate, and we will tell you if there are suitable bandoliers for you. You can contact us via online chat or our contact page .

Does Monark only have backpacks or bandoliers?

No, In addition to being able to buy the best skate backpack online, on the Monark Supply website you can buy our suitcase or travel bag for skaters to carry all your Skate boards by plane, car, bus whenever you go to championships, skate camps and long distance trips.

Suitcase to carry the skateboard on the plane