SKATEBOARD BACKPACK Mini Cruiser 22" - 23"

SKATEBOARD BACKPACK Mini Cruiser 22" - 23"

Mini cruiser skateboards are 22 "and 23" skateboards smaller than cruisers and are usually made of plastic materials such as penny boards.

At Monark Supply we have backpacks for this type of skateboarding. Perfect, comfortable and elegant to transport your mini cruiser skate.

This backpack is very simple to use; fit your table by the top, fix it with the lower velcro and finally close and adjust the straps of the pockets.

It is designed with a large main pocket and a smaller front pocket. Ideal to skate the city and carry everything you need: purse, smartphone, keys or your tools.

You can skate this skate with your Monark Supply fanny pack at the waist and at any moment turn it into a bandolier to take the board to your smallest skateboard.

The Monark shoulder strap gives you the freedom of movement you need while you skate without the need to carry large backpacks.

Now you can safely carry your plastic skateboard on the bike or bike.


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