The backpacks for longboard from Monark Supply go beyond, not only serve for the longboards of "always", there is a new trend that are the electric longboards and surfboards ... that's why these shoulder bags are also designed to carry those models of skate.

This model of skate backpack is specific for large dimensions of boards such as those of the longboard, ideal to carry it always with you.

Sure you like to carry your longboard with you all the time. That's why Monark Supply has created this shoulder bag so that your board does not become a burden when you can not skate. The longboard due to its size is a very heavy skate if you have to carry it in your hand. The Monark Supply backpack is essential for any longboarder.

It is designed with a large main pocket and a smaller front pocket. Ideal to skate the city and carry everything you need: purse, smartphone, keys or your tools and even the control of your electric longboard.

This backpack has adjustable straps with flaps that hold your skateboard firmly.

Designed and manufactured in Spain with materials that respect the environment.

The materials with which it is manufactured are resistant and have reinforced seams to support the weight of a longboard.

The fabric is Nylon 600D in two colors: gray and black.

How to place your longboard in the backpack?

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