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Skate-Home is the brand of decoration and furniture products for skateboarders and skate lovers.

If you are looking for an original and special gift for a skater, give away products to decorate your room with its unique style.


SKATE-HOME is the largest online skate shop with decoration and furniture products for skateboarders and fans of the skate world.

All our products are called tricks made in skateboarding.

In Skate-Home we have been decorating the house of skaters from all over the world for almost a decade thanks to a good shipping logistics to all countries. From the United States to Australia and Japan through all the countries of the European Union and with delivery in less than 1 week. It's the ease of buying online and receiving your package at home.

Skate-Home has many decorative elements made taking as a main element a skateboard. Our skateboards are new, original and top quality so you do not notice any difference with real skateboards. It is a 100% authentic product.


Depending on your needs we have chairs for the living room and two models of stools with different height and finish.

High stools 40 cm high that you can also use as a side table next to the sofa and low stools of 25 cm high to use as a footrest or leave objects.

Skateboard chair

Skateboard gift


In skate-home we have the horizontal rack Pivot Grind which is formed by 4 hangers with original skate wheels and we have also thought that as not all the walls for space is enough free space to put a horizontal rack of 80 cm. we have designed the vertical hanger Handplant to put the skateboard with 2 hangers in a smaller space.

Skateboard Coat Rack


Skate watches there are two models. The Boneless skate clock that is made on a complete skateboard and can be hung horizontally or vertically on the wall but can also be supported on a shelf and the Halfcab skate watch model that is shipped with two bases made of recycled skateboard material so you can put this clock on your nightstand, desk or decorating another room in the house.

Skateboard clock


The skate lamp gives off a soft light and is low power LED. It is not to illuminate large rooms, especially to illuminate your skater path and reflect what you like most.

Skateboard lamp


You can support and at the same time decorate your room or office with those bookends. They will serve you to have your books, magazines, CDs or DVDs sorted but always with the appearance of skateboarding.

That's why we have the simple Tail stop bookend and the Nose and Tail stop double bookends.

Skateboard bookends


If you want a very special gift for that important skateboarder in your life, we have the Instaboard and skate personalized album. All you have to do is send us the photos you want to include by email, we will take care of the rest. With this system we have also customized, chairs, stools, lamps, etc.