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Skate products for all needs and budgets.

Skateboard Decks

Choosing the skateboard mainly depends on the style or type of skate you are going to practice. If you like skating technical street tricks you will need a narrow skateboard and if you like ramp skating you will need a wider board for better stability.

Come in and discover all the models of skateboards that we have in different widths and concaves and if you need advice for a good choice, do not hesitate to contact us.

Complete skateboards

Complete skateboards are usually bought by people who want to start skateboarding for the first time.

You have to know that there are two possibilities to have a complete skateboard.

The first option: are complete skateboards that are sold already assembled, generally all the components that make up the skateboard belong to the same brand. This type of complete skateboards are usually cheaper that the second option.

The second option: is a complete skateboard purchased by parts, where you choose the brand of each accessory and the quality. This type of complete skate has a higher price.

In our skate shop Monark Supply, we create different complete skateboard compositions by pieces to facilitate the choise of your first skateboard and that this skate is of great quality.

Skateboard Trucks

Skate trucks are one of the most important skateboard accessories because the feeling of a good turn with your movements when doing tricks or simply rolling with your skate can make the difference between enjoying on the board or not.

In addition to a quality in the turns, the skateboard trucks are of vital importance to perform the tricks called Grinds.

The choice of the size of the truks that you need depends on the width of the board you are skating.

Nowadays there are very light skate trucks because some there are hollow.

Skateboard T-Shirts

Selection of skate brands t-shirts with a wide variety of colors and styles.

Skate t-shirts are a reflection of the brands we skate and the skaters we follow.

Skateboard Wheels

Great variety of skate wheels in diameter, hardness and shape.

Depending on the surface or the modality you skate you will need one type of wheels or another.

Skateboard Offer Packs

Skateboarding is a sport where the material has a great wear due to its use, so we have created this section where we have put at your disposal different packs with skateboarding accessories.

Packs where we have tried to get the best combination of different products. So that when you change the wheels you can take advantage and also improve the bearings or packs that include skateboard axles, wheels and bearings.

All designed so that with a single click you have a shipment everything you need to improve your skate.



In Monark Supply you have the skateboard backpacks necessary depending on which is your skateboard model.

We are an online skate shop specialized in the sale of backpacks for skateboarding.

We have backpacks for skateboard type cruiser, for normal skateboards and for Longboard and big skateboards, but if Yours are the long skate trips to go by plane or train to skate other cities or skate championships, then we recommend our travel bag for skateboarder. with separate compartments for clothes and hard material.

All skateboarders like to wear our under-the-floor skateboard on the streets, but sometimes for comfort we need to carry it in our hands, either to go on a motorcycle to another skatepark or to go shopping.

We have been selling our backpacks for skateboarding all over the world for 5 years, from the United States to Australia, all over Europe. In Monark Supply we also want to offer you the best decoration and gifts for skateboarders of the SKATE-HOME brand, that is why we have the furniture that every skater would like to have at home in order to reflect their lifestyle in their room.

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