Monark Supply is a company specialized in the manufacture and marketing of backpacks to carry the skateboard. Founded in 2014 by Manuel Llorens, also founder of Skate-Home with his wife María Tamarit.

From our online skate shop we ship to countries around the world such as the United States, Japan, Australia and throughout Europe. 


The company was created by a skateboarder, making it clear that the brand must reach its audience through a more familiar and not-so-commercial way, since skateboarding for those who practice it is not a hobby or a sport, it is a lifestyle, Our intention is to make that life as comfortable as possible.

The effort, the constant work and believing in what we do is what they have managed to place Monark Supply among the current skateboarding brands.

As we said before behind Monark Supply is the skater Manu Chayms where you can learn more about him on his YouTube channel Manuchayms.


The design of a brand should reflect its personality, skateboarding is a sport of effort, and our main function is to transmit that effort that leads you to get a skate trick.


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