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Skateboard backpack, Grey
Skateboard backpack, Grey
Skateboard backpack, Grey
Skateboard backpack, Grey

Skateboard backpack, Grey

school or urban type skate backpack with straps to carry your skateboard everywhere.

This skate backpack is perfect if you study and you like to go skateboarding everywhere.

The skate school backpack from Monark Supply is very functional and totally elegant.

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If you need a skate backpack for different situations, the new school skate backpack from Monark Supply is what you're looking for.

  • Skateboard backpack to transport the skateboard to school and carry the school supplies.
  • Skateboard backpack where you can take your skate and your lunch or food plus an extra shirt to change the sweaty shirt you have skated.
  • Skateboard backpack to take your skateboard and your photographic or video equipment to record skate sessions with friends.
  • Skateboard bag to get on the plane, now that Ryanair has put new restrictions on hand luggage.

At Monark Supply we are skateboarders and we know what you need. That's why we have different types of accessories to carry your skateboard.

We have basic school-style backpacks so you can take your skate all day through your city, we also have skate bandoliers to take the skateboard comfortably if you go on a motorcycle, bike or you will have to walk around the city and you need to take few things and travel bags for large outings to skate other cities, skateboarding championships or skate summer camps.

This type of backpack is called daypack which are the most used backpacks for daily activities

How to put the skateboard in the skate backpack

1º Open the two closures that carry the horizontal ribbons and put your skateboard with the sandpaper facing the backpack.

2º Then pass the lower strap of the backpack by the Tail shaft to prevent the skateboard from slipping down and the upper strap through the central part of the skateboard to keep the skate vertical.

Skateboard backpack: Exclusive design

Its exclusive design allows greater comfort when transporting heavy skateboards due to the quilted material inside. You will think that your skate has never weighed so little.

Skateboard school type backpack: Quality certificates

In the back of the backpack and in the shoulder handles have a padding to avoid damaging your back. The padding on the outer face in contact with your clothes has a breathable mesh material to avoid leaving sweat stains.

At Monark Supply we have been testing our skate backpacks for years. WE ARE SKATEBOARDERS AND WE KNOW WHAT YOU NEED.

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What can I bring in the skate backpack:

I can carry::

  • Pack of skate protections: Helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves and small accessories such as mobile, keys, purse.
  • Laptop 17 ", school books, cases and small accessories such as mobile, keys, wallet.


Large pocket
8.66" (L) x 6.69" (H) ... 22 cm. (L) x 17 cm. (W)
25 Liters
Premium 600d nylon
Backpack Weight
415 gr
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Mochila para skate
Esta mochila la tengo hace poco y va de fabula, sirve perfectamente para llevar skates convencionales 7. 7,75, 8, 85, como para llevar skates de la old scold. Ademas de tener unos buenos compartimientos donde cabe muchas cosas es muy comoda para llevar tu tabla y sirve tambien para hacer otras aactividades, como senderismo y para excursiones. Yo la uso para estas 3 actividades y estoy muy contento, pues la recomiendo 100 x100


Loved it!
Wonderful gift! They loved it!

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